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Hello All. My son Nushaan is studying here in prekg for the academic year 2022-2023. While joining here, he does not speak anything except calling us amma , naana even though he was 3 years old at that time. After joining here within one month he was talking continuously without stopping even though we asked to be silent for sometime. We were very very happy with the progress. Not only this, there are many many activities conducted for students that is helping them to build their skills and bring out their talent. The friendly behaviour of the staff and management has awestruck me as I have not seen this kind of attention and relationship from the school to children and their parents elsewhere. I would recommend anyone who is even far away from this school to also join here as they might miss their opportunity to be one among this appy kids family. The events they conduct for every occasion without charging a penny from parents makes us feel their goal towards connecting with the families of their students and following all cultures. Very happy with this school. Words really cannot describe. On cloud nine seeing the development in my child . Would be really happy if the school is developed till 12th standard.