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Archana Lejith

Congrats to all the kids nd the teachers. I’m sure Mridu njoyed these 2yrs at Appy kidz. (Infact he askd us y can’t he continue with the same school they hav space on the 1st floor. Then i had to explain him). Children at this age learn many things quickly. I thank the teachers for giving him the thirst for knowledge not only with the book materials but also in form of useful activities which are even more effective. The birth remembrance of Sardar vallabhai Patel gave him the urge to learn abt many great leaders. Colours activity, human body, infact ‘ppl who help us’ brought him an idea abt what he wanted to become. These might sound simple for elders but for a child these r really great. Anything nd everything is new for them at this age and i hav personally felt that there is no limit in what they learn whether i spk abt the science, space or defense system he responds instantly.

A special mention about the individual attention given by the teachers and the centre heads to every child which I feel may not be possible in many schools.

Thank you for helping my son develop freely and highly motivated.